Ultrabanc aims at providing users with a perfect trading platform environment where traders are able to maximize their earnings. Therefore, Ultrabanc presents you with a new Insurance Activity: if a trader losses, Ultrabanc will share the loss with the trader
    How it works:
    • 1. The insurance coverage is applicable only for the users who have made the deposit and have expressed their will to participate in the Activity. Insurance is valid only within 24 hours after the first deposit made after the launch of Insurance Activity, which is November 21st 2016. That is to say, all the deposits made within 24 hours are covered by the insurance.
    • 2. The maximum insurance coverage is $10,000 per Trader.
    • 3. Minimum requirements to claim insurance:
          a. The Insurance coverage maximum amount equals to the amount of deposit remitted for the purposes of the Insurance Activity.
          b. Trader’s net loss on the opened positions must reach 90% of their insurance coverage amount
          c. The total transaction amount (trades which ended in-the-money and out-of-the-money) should exceed 5x of the insured amount, which is your initial deposit participating in Insurance Activity.
    • 4. Traders who meet the above requirements for insurance coverage are entitled to obtain the reimbursement valued at 50% of their insurance coverage amount.
    • 5. The insurance will be valid for period of one year starting from the date of traders’ first deposit after Insurance Activity Launch.

    • Example: Marco decides to participate in the Insurance Activity and deposits $100. He then opens 9 positions for $10 each, but his fundamental analysis proves wrong and all his trades ended out-of-the-money. He is left with $10 in his pocket and claims reimbursement. After the system adds $45 (50% of $90 Marco lost) he now starts off again with $55 in his wallet. He improves his formula of analysis and wins another 10 positions in a row earning $238. Satisfied, he can now withdraw his daily earnings.
    「 Notice: 」
    We reserve the right to contact you and offer further explanations regarding the above stated terms of activity and your behavior towards it.
    We also reserve the right to cancel any illegal gains resulted by wrong doings performed while participating in this Insurance Activity.
    * Traders who participated in previous Bonus activity plus completed a deposit, do not qualify for insurance coverage.